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The Maa led bulb delivers the best of India—energy savings and cost savings that are great, but the quality and benefits of the light it produces are even better! So if you’re looking to make your lighting more efficient while also making it more effective, this is the LED light bulb you’re looking for.

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Do you want to buy 9 watt led bulb at low price from manufacturer directly? you are always on the right place. just come here and buy with us, we are promised to give you high quality 9 watt led bulb and best service, if you have any question, contact us freely now!

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Maa led bulbs are the most cost-effective and energy efficient bulbs in India. These led bulbs use very less power and last longer than any other bulb on the market. They have been designed with all safety standards and provide better illumination than any other bulb in the market at an affordable price that won’t pinch your pocket. They are available in different wattages, making them suitable for most residential as well as commercial lighting requirements.

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Customers Reviews

I was hesitant to purchase this bulb but glad I did. I went with the 9 watt option as I was told it would be brighter than the 10 watt and save me money on my electric bill. It does both! I haven't measured my electric usage but if you look at the picture you can see that it does produce more light than the incandescent that came with my ceiling fan in the same room.
Mila Kunis
Maa Led Bulb. I am using it for three months and I have found no problems with it. Its service life is quite good and there has been no problem of voltage fluctuations as seen with other branded bulbs. Also, there is no buzzing sound while switching on or off which many users find annoying. Overall, Maa bulb is very user-friendly with high efficiency, long working life and low energy consumption when compared to CFLs or regular CFLs.
I really like this bulb, its not too bright, not too dim and it does everything I need it to do, which is mainly to change the color of my room at night. The light does not flicker like others that I have had in the past and it has an extremely long lifespan - which saves me money on buying more bulbs in the future! I definitely recommend these bulbs!
Fazal Jawad Sayed
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